Your First Visit 

Your initial consultation with Marissa typically lasts 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity of your case.

During your first visit, Marissa will take a detailed health history, perform a physical exam and perform any other necessary orthopedic and/or neurological examinations.

She will be also be assessing your condition according to traditional Chinese medicine by asking many questions regarding your daily eating, sleeping and lifestyle habits as well as examining your tongue and pulse.

What to bring

On your first visit, please have with you a complete list of your current medications and any copies of recent medical reports, laboratory results, x-ray and/or other imaging reports. 

Make sure you have eaten a small to medium sized meal 1 hour before your visit. Please refrain from eating a very large meal or drinking alcohol prior to your visit.

Please refrain from drinking coffee, tea or any colored candies/drinks at least 2 hours prior, as these can change the color of your tongue. 

Please refrain from wearing make-up such as foundation, blush or anything that will change the natural color of your complexion the day of your visit.

Appropriate clothes are pants that can easily be rolled above the knee and a sleeveless shirt or tank top. Having a sweater or sweatshirt with you is also recommended. Where the needles will be inserted depends on the condition, but most often needles are inserted on the feet  and legs below the knees, on the hands and arms below the elbow and occasionally on the scalp, abdomen and over the sternum (breastbone).

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